While not exactly a boating or camping or travel post I can say that this is a very important day.  Actually the very important day was June 9, 2017 and I completely forgot.  So today is day 1006 but 6/9/2017 was day 1000.  1000 days since I smoked my last cigarette.  I had quit using the patch.  I’ve used the gum.  I’ve even used Chantix and even quit for an entire year on a bet even though the bettor did not pay up.  I tried vaping too.  But this is by far the longest I’ve gone without a cigarette and frankly I don’t even miss them.  There was something different with this time and I don’t know what it was.  I quit cold turkey.  I just decided one day – September 13, 2014 to be exact – to stop and I did.  I’m not sure what clicked but whatever it was I definitely felt different about it.  All of those previous times I craved a cigarette.  Now even if I hang around friends that smoke the smell only reminds me of past memories that occurred while I was smoking.  They were good memories but I didn’t crave for one anymore.


I started off smoking when I was 16 at a Catholic Boarding School.  It was a camel unfiltered.  I went from smoking one or two to getting as high as a pack and a half a day in college when I could afford it.  I went through the various quitting stages.  I quit buying them.  Then I just became the guy bumming smokes from people.  Then I quit for a while and completely segregated myself from all of my friends that smoked.  That was a lonely time.  I guess one of the reasons I quit this time was I noticed some changes.  Not only the health changes (chronic coughing) but also social changes.  When your co-workers smoke its a reason to go hang out away from the office and enjoy a little sunshine and fresh air.  OK well sunshine.  But more and more I found myself outside by myself and it went from being a social activity to an anti-social activity.  


 To this day I can still smell the difference between a Marlboro and a Camel.  At this point though my gamer mentality is kind of kicking in.  I don’t want to have to start over after hitting this high score.  So here’s to another 1000 days.  Or 1006 days to be exact. 

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