Swinging between camping/boating weather and close to freezing is really having a psychological effect on me.  On one hand I’m anxious to get moving but on the other hand I have several projects to get done before our busy season.  The shroud is coming along but will be a bit close.  Meanwhile I got the chassis batteries installed in Kountry Star without frying anything.  That being said the house batteries are another story.  The posts are in slightly different locations than the previous 6 volt house batteries so the jumpers are too short.  Since we needed to put in a shutoff switch anyway I decided to take it over to one of our local RV service centers to have them run a main lead to another bay for the switch and then run the existing cables to the other side of the switch.  I would normally be the adventurous type and take this one myself however our first camping trip is April 7th so time is short.  I’m also on a temporary ban from acquiring more tools as we try to downsize more of our stuff.  So I’m supporting the local economy.  Meanwhile other camping friends of ours already took their coach out for a rare February camping trip so I’m not the only crazy person.  

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