Its that time of year up here in Northern Virginia.  Its time to begin preparing the boat for winter.  This will be the first year we won’t be near the boat for winter and its the first year with S/V Star Keeper.  The first step we took was to take down the dinghy and place it on deck.  We don’t have any plans between now and spring to use the dinghy and we wanted to try it out up there to see how well it handles during the move.  The electric winch really came in handy hauling the dinghy up with the spinnaker halyard but its definitely showing how much friction we have in the halyard itself.  While cleaning out the dinghy we found something interesting that we didn’t know we owned.  This is my first attempt at video.  We’ll see if “Video Eric” (Hat tip Annie at makes any additional appearances in the future. Check out the video below.


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