While boating is certainly a fun thing to do there are several (okay many) things that can be a real pain in the transom to do on a boat.  One of them is taking down the isinglass before each departure.  If you leave it up it gets incredibly hot in the cockpit but the glass is very delicate.  I know as I’ve broken 3 pieces already.  Its even worse when they are cold.  So to address this and limit the amount of glass handling we decided to make a shroud to take the place of the forward glass.  With the windshield height it also makes for a quick solution if we get caught in an unexpected rain.  

Having already done some canvas work by making a tool roll and a cabin carpet cover I decided I could tackle this.  So far we have the patterns formed and have ordered all of the parts and tools.  One of the new tools is called a hot knife from Sailrite.  Its designed to cut the sunbrella fabric while cauterizing the edge so it won’t unravel.  Strangely enough considering it’s marine canvas but when you heat it up both Lisa and I agree that it smells like boiled shrimp.  We’ve cut out the pattern that we made from the original glass.  though one of the changes we are making is that the shroud is going to be one solid piece for simplicity.  Unfortunately since we are shooting for a dewinterization on April 1st we have a bit of a deadline on us.  


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